Managing the overall direction of ABRA project, we build and facilitate research towards a new transdisciplinary education

Aalborg   University

Anca Horvath

Project Coordinator

Anca Horvath serves as an assistant professor within the Research Laboratory for Art and Technology at Aalborg University. She is an architect by training and her current research and teaching link computational design, digital fabrication with art and technology. Apart from this she is always interested in things related to (1) the automation of our slow building industry, (2) customization across fields&scales, and (3) aesthetics in architecture and art (both in general, and in particular with things related to geometry, shapes and curvatures).

Charlotte Lee Frederiksen

Budget Officer

Elizabeth Jochum

Project Coordinator

Elizabeth Jochum (associate professor) leads the RELATE Research Laboratory for Art and Technology at Aalborg University. Her research bridges the visual and performing arts with engineering and human-robot interaction. Dr. Jochum is a guest editor for Frontiers In Robotics and AI for a forthcoming issue on The Art of Human Robot Interaction: Creative Perspectives from Design and the Arts.

EunJeong Cheon

Assistant professor

EunJeong Cheon is a tenure-track assistant professor in the department of computer science at Aalborg University. She is also interested in developing alternative design approaches that would enrich our sensibility to design contexts. Her work in particular looks at what assumptions and values are baked into our sociotechnical practices and artifacts. She has explored this agenda at the intersection of HCI, HRI, CSCW and STS, and conducted through ethnographic research, value sensitive design, speculative design, and design prototyping.

Markus Löchtefeld

Associate Professor

Markus Löchtefeld is an Associate Professor at Aalborg Universities Department for Architecture, Design and Media Technology. His research is on the intersection of Human Computer Interaction and Ubiquitous Computing. Specifically, he focuses on wearable and tangible computing as well as novel prototyping techniques.

Maros Pekarik

Research Assistant

Maros is a creative technologist who passionately investigates means of developing projects in the artistic domain. He is interested in a close collaboration with artists mainly in performative settings to give birth to creative ideas with the help of technology. Although he has a software engineering background, he is specializing in interactive installations, mixed reality performances, and projection mapping.

Matthias Rehm


Palle Dahlstedt


Palle Dahlstedt (b.1971) is an artist, composer/improviser (MFA, MA) and researcher from Sweden, with a PhD (2004) in evolutionary computation for artistic creativity. Research interests include the deep entanglement of art and advanced technology, particularly in relation to creative and aesthetic implications, new technologies for improvisation, composition and art, and modelling of artistic creative process. Dahlstedt is guest professor in Art & Technology at Aalborg University, Denmark, and Associate Professor in Interaction Design and head of the Interaction Design Division at the Department of Computer Science and Engineering, Chalmers, and also lecturer in electronic music composition at the Academy of Music and Drama, Gothenburg.

Tim Merritt

Associate Professor

Timothy Merritt (Tim) (associate professor) in the Human-Centered Computing and Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning research groups at Aalborg University. His design-oriented research focuses on new interaction techniques, interactions with artificial agents, and living media interfaces.

Aalto   University

Aurora Del Rio

research assistant

Aurora Del Rio is currently a Doctoral Candidate at Aalto University, Department of Art and Media. Her artistic practice and research investigates the role myths and ancient traditions play understanding contaminated spaces and creating personal and collective realities.

Karkku Hanna

Project Management

Laura Beloff

Project Coodinator

Laura Beloff (PhD) is Associate Professor, an internationally acclaimed artist and a researcher in the cross section of art, technology and science. Additionally to research papers, articles and book-chapters, the outcome of the research is in a form of process-based installations, wearable artifacts, experiments with scientific methods, which deal with the merger of the technological and biological matter at large. Currently, she is Associate Professor and the Head of ViCCA program at Aalto University, Finland.

Pia Fricker


Pia Fricker serves as Professor of Practice and Vice Head of the Department of Architecture at Aalto University, School of Art, Design and Architecture in Finland. She holds the Professorship for Computational Methodologies in Landscape Architecture and Urbanism, directs the interdisciplinary Urban Studies and Planning Programme at the Department of Architecture and is member of the Aalto University Experience Platform. Pia Fricker’s research and teaching link urban design and landscape architecture to the field of digital design culture through the lens of emerging technologies.

Past members:

Kaan Unlu

Research assistant

Former research assistant

Cynthia Blanchette

Research assistant

Cynthia Blanchette is currently pursuing her Master of Arts degree at Aalto University in Visual Cultures, Curating and Contemporary Art, with a minor in Textile Design.  She is a storyteller and perception shifter interested in the psychological and sociological effects of technological advancement, in particular bizarre human and non-human interconnections. Her artistic practice most frequently culminates in performative wearable art, textile storytelling, and ideation drawing.

Esther Saraste

Project Controller

Esther is currently a Project Controller at Aalto University in Espoo Finland, working in the school of Arts, Design and Architecture. Esther works mainly with externally funded projects particularly EU funded projects.

Koray Tahiroglu

Academy Research Fellow

Koray Tahiroğlu is a musician, Academy Research Fellow and lecturer in the Department of Media, Aalto University School of ARTS. He is the founder and head of SOPI (Sound and Physical Interaction) research group, coordinating research projects with interests including new interfaces for musical expression, deep learning and artificial intelligence (AI) technologies with audio. Tahiroğlu has performed music in collaboration as well as in solo performances in Europe, North America and Australia. His work has been presented in important venues, such as Ars Electronica AI x Music Festival and STEIM. In 2018, he was awarded a 5-year Academy of Finland Research Fellowship.

Trento   University

Lorena Cebolla Sanahuja

Project Coodinator

PhD in Political Philosophy, Dr. Cebolla is Project Manager of two Horizon 2020: FET ACDC and ITN Protomet. Formerly PI and researcher at the Department of Humanities at UNITN, she worked mainly on the field of humanities, specializing in Cosmopolitan studies. Lorena Cebolla received her PhD in 2010 at the University of Valencia, awarded with extraordinary doctoral prize, and developed her postdoctoral activity between 2010-2019. She has conducted research at Johannes Gutenberg Universität Mainz, Penn University, Université Paris Ouest-Nanterre, and Trento University.

Martin Michael Hanczyc

Project Coodinator

Martin Hanczyc is an Associate Professor in the Centre for Integrative Biology at the University of Trento, Italy and a Research Professor of Chemical and Biological Engineering at the University of New Mexico, Albuquerque USA. He has published in the area of droplets, complex systems, evolution and the origin of life in specialized journals including JACS and Langmuir as well as PNAS and Science. Currently he heads the Laboratory for Artificial Biology, developing novel synthetic chemical systems based on the properties of living systems.

Michele Gasparoli

Budget Officer

Mirella Collini

Budget Officer


(Institute of Advanced Design Studies)

Judit Boros

Judit Boros is a design strategist and researcher interested in the intersection of the designed and the natural world. She holds a Ph.D. in Environmental Sciences, from Central European University. Her research investigates how design can contribute to sustaining and enhancing urban ecosystems. She is keen to utilize her practice and experiences in working for a turn in design practices to place ecology and the non-human at the forefront of urban design and placemaking activities and ultimately infuse 'human-centeredness' with 'nature-basedness.'

Karina Vissonova

Project Coodinator

Dr. Karina Vissonova is a design researcher, creative thinker, educator, author and an innovation strategist with extensive experience working within R&D, product development and business innovation. She is the founder of the Institute of Advanced Design Studies and an advocate for advanced design for sustainability.