Project Summary and Presentation and Finalization of Transdiscplinary (MA/MSc) Join Masters Degree & Curriculum (TM4)

The fifth transnational meeting is a summary meeting held in conjunction with Multiplier Event [ME]. Project status, and feedback from participants and stakeholders thus far. The Multiplier event that draws broad appeal and interests and involvement from stakeholders and citizens. Finalization and launch of IO-5 – Exhibition and IO-4 Journal of Problem Based Learning in Higher Ed Special Issue. Summary evaluation curriculum with teachers, staff and senior adminstrators. Finalization and approval of IO-6 (Erasmus Joint Masters Degree application).

In addition to the 5 Transnational Meetings, there will be regular virtual meetings. Total number of combined physical and virtual meetings will be no fewer than four meetings per year. The core participants in the meetings are the members of the Steering Committee (MC). Agendas, meetings and presentations will be stored in the project management platform.

As one of the chief project deliverables is the application for a transdisciplinary (MA/MSc) joint masters degree, Curriculum is included as an agenda point in each of the meetings. This is to ensure that the Curriculum development and approval plan is on track, and that the curriculum and degree requirements are suitable and all approved by the partner countries in good time for the submission of the EMJMD applications.