What transdisciplinary knowledge looks like: public exhibition and symposium (ME4)

E4 “What transdisciplinary knowledge looks like: public exhibition and symposium” will be a one day seminar preceding the exhibition, which will be opened by the strategic partners at the end of the seminar day. The day will be structured around the ABRA introducing the project outcomes, expert lectures and moderated panel discussions on the subject of transdisciplinarity in higher education bridged with industry practices. The seminar will gather up to a 100 European and overseas peers in academia, teaching staff and research institutions, industry practitioners - such as artists, designers, sustainability, robotics and artificial life experts, and teaching staff and students who work in this project as well as locally based students currently in higher education.

The seminar will be focused on addressing the following objectives:

  1. to present the needs and the potentials of transdisciplinary higher education for meeting the contemporary work-life lead by ideas of sustainability;
  2. to create a discsussion about the challenges and achievements in working with transdisciplinary higher education, resulting from the lessons from the ABRA project;
  3. to learn from leading industry practices who work innately with transdisciplinary methods;
  4. to exchange global practices in transdisciplinarity from all levels and types of academic and non-academic educational establishments.

The seminar attendees will learn not only the experiences and intellectual outputs of the ABRA project, but also will be able to learn and share ideas and updates in transdisciplinarity from global researchers and practitioners.


  1. IO5 - What Transdisciplinary Knowledge Looks Like