Arts Loves Science // Science Loves Art (ME1)

Date: 27th April 2022, 15-17h
Venue: Kunsten Museum of Modern Art, Aalborg
Registration: Event Finished, Registrations are over!

Aalborg University, in partnership with Kunsten Museum of Modern Art and Work It Out, invites you to a public forum on art and science with an emphasis on transdisciplinary knowledge.

You will have the opportunity to hear from experts about cutting-edge research in biology, robotics, art and sustainability. Lectures and performances will explore how artificial intelligence can revolutionize artistic practice, how robots are creatively transforming research and industry, and the possibilities and limitations of representing love through bio-art.

The event is a unique opportunity for researchers, industry representatives and the public to meet and engage in a lively discussion on these emerging and timely topics.

Event participation is free, however, registration in advance is required. Register here


Time Title Speaker
15:00 Agency & Creativity, Computers as Tools for Artmaking Palle Dahlstedt
15:20 Introduction to Artificial Biology, Robotics, and Art (ABRA) Pia Fricker
15:40 Creative Applications of/with Robots Timothy Merritt
16:00 Art and Immortality: A Lifelong Relationship Marta De Menezes
16:20 New Digital Arts Centre Mads Damsbo
16:30 Panel Discussion Mod. Pia Fricker
17:00 Reception
17:30 End of Program

The event is part of a larger initiative of four universities and partners from the industry with an aim for creating a future transdisciplinary higher education programme in Europe. The project promotes knowledge alliances across the fields of artificial biology, robotics, art, and design in the context of sustainability. ABRA (Artificial Biology, Robotics, and Art) address innovation and renewal of education by developing transdisciplinary higher education methods that bridge the arts and sciences.