Joint staff training event 3: “Sustainability value integration in the ABRA focus fields with Circular Economy principles - Applications in Transdisciplinary Education” (A9)

This Joint Staff meeting hosted by ADES and gathering the project partners, select teaching and administrative staff, will be a 3 day workshop where we focus on:

  1. reviewing the framework and the applicability of the CE principles we have adapted in the ABRA’s model of the transdisciplinary education;
  2. fine-tuning the terminology we have developed during the project, which should assist the teachers and learners, as well as researchers in working with the sustainability values based on CE principles.

The goal from the early project stages is to close the gap of the focus fields in achieving: 1) waste and pollution designed out of technologies and products; 2) materials remaining in use cycles of technologies and products; and 3) the products and technologies functions are to regenerate natural systems. ABRA has assigned itself the task to bring these principles into the transdisciplinary course guides, creating a terminology for academics and researchers in order to assist further transdisciplinary research, teaching, dissemination, as well as for applications in industry practices. We will address the ease of applicability, the challenges and the educational value of the specific points achieved with the sustainability value integration in the fields of artificial biology, robotics and arts with the tools and knowledge of design, guided by CE principles. We will invite CE experts, e.g. from Ellen MacArthur Foundation, to evaluate together with the participants the adaptation of the CE principles in transdisciplinary education, as well as discuss their transferability and dissemination in other fields outside the focus of ABRA. By the end of this intensive workshop, the participants will have prepared their inputs which collectively will be recorded for dissemination in the ABRA platform (ABRA-Hub).