Joint staff training event 2 _MA vs. MSc_ (A6)

Duration: 3 days

The 3-day workshop for teaching and administrative-staff will be a shared responsibility by Aalto University and Trento University. It will be hosted by Aalto University in Helsinki. Staff from all the consortia partner universities will contribute to the discussion concerning transdisciplinary education and their experiences of it. The workshop will focus on potentiality and challenges in the current educational structures concerning transdisciplinarity across sectors. The major part of the time will be spent in discussing the differences in the requirements for obtaining Master of Arts vs. Master of Science-degree and sustainability within education. This discussion is of importance as there are differences in requirements that put students in different positions in their possibilities to pursue transdisciplinary education, which would strengthen new areas and combinations of study and therefore also innovation potential. The aim is to find ways or suggestions how to overcome these current study requirement obstacles. The responsibility for planning the program and leading the workshop is with shared with Aalto University - School Of Art, Design and Architecture, which is granting primarily Master of Arts-degrees and Trento University section that is granting solely MSc-degrees.


The workshop participants will be representatives from each of the strategic partners in the consortia: teaching staff, administrative experts and invited teachers. The selection criteria for the participants are a) they are interested in developing possibilities for transdisciplinary education across sectors in HE; b) they can contribute to the discussion or activities.


The activities will contribute to the Intellectual Output 4 and 5:

  1. IO4 – Special Issue Journal
  2. IO5 - the Joint Master Degree Curriculum for Erasmus+ application.