Intensive program for teaching staff 2 - Sustainable Development Goals in the building biology and biological processes (A4)

The 2-day workshop for teaching-staff will be a shared responsibility by Aalto University and Trento University. It will be hosted by Aalto University in Helsinki.

During the first day, teaching staff from all the consortia partner universities will participate and contribute to the discussion that will focus on sustainability within education based on United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals [ ] These goals are currently becoming a guideline for HE-institutions and their development. In this workshop the goals will be investigated from the point of view of transdisciplinary education. The main question asked in the workshop concerns of potentiality for the currently- developed transdisciplinary education to embed novel sustainable ways of working that differ from single-discipline education. One specific question that will be discussed concerns of Circular Economy and its implementation into transdisciplinary practices across artificial biology, robotics, art and design. Expert representative from ADES will present an in-depth lecture on the topic.

During the second day, the workshop aims at instructing teachers and mentors on the state of the art in artificial biology. Historical and technical background will be presented. Particular emphasis will be placed on hands-on tutorials as learning activities for student engagement and group participation. Results of the activity - Completing this workshop participants are able: a) to understand the basic principles in artificial biology b) to apply these principles to the design of systems in a broader context c) to perform basic demonstration experiments in the field of artificial biology. A series of discussion topics to engage students will be given and developed. The previous day focus on sustainable development and Circular Economy will be reflected in these discussions.


The workshop participants will be representatives of the teaching staff from each of the strategic partners in the consortia and invited teachers. The selection criteria for the participants are a) they are interested in transdisciplinary education in HE; b) they can contribute to the discussion or activities concerning sustainability at large. Participants Profile - Each partner involved in the development of the project will provide 3 staff participants (e.g. Academy Professors, researchers, informal educators and science communicators all from complementary and differing fields), to bring knowledge from their own field and to share peer learning activities. Potential applicants will be asked to submit a motivational letter.


The activities will contribute to the Intellectual Output 2 and 5:

  1. IO2 - Course guide on transdisciplinary teaching and learning.
  2. IO5 - the Joint Master Degree Curriculum for Erasmus+ application.