Joint staff training event 1: teaching and administrative staff design of new joint trans-knowledge curriculum (A3)

Date: 09-2021 Duration: 1 days

Aalborg University gathers members from 3 different departments and 2 faculties in ABRA: Department of Communication and Psychology (The Faculty of Humanities), Department of Computer Science (The Technical Faculty of IT and Design) Department of Architecture, Design and Media Technology (The Technical Faculty of IT and Design) The workshop will review, discuss and create a proposed framework for how to address challenges regarding cross-department and cross-faculty collaborations in relation to (1) drawing on cross-faculty knowledge to design an inter-faculty educational programme and (2) the creation of transdisciplinary educational programmes and curricula. Issues such as dealing with students’ previous background knowledge, skills and competences will be examined alongside more practical issues of sharing laboratories and training facilities and formal degree requirements. Staff from all the consortia partner universities will contribute to the discussion concerning the affordances and challenges of transdisciplinary education and their experiences of it within research and higher education.


The workshop participants will be representatives from each of the strategic partners in the consortia: teaching staff, administrative experts and invited teachers. The selection criteria for the participants are a) they are interested in developing possibilities for transdisciplinary education across sectors in HE; b) they can contribute to the discussion or activities.


The activities will contribute to the Intellectual Output IO1, IO4 and IO6:

  1. IO1 - ABRA platform
  2. IO4 – Special Issue Journal
  3. IO5 - the Joint Master Degree Curriculum for Erasmus+ application.