Entangling knowledge fields

Artificial Biology, Robotics and Art (ABRA) is about creating knowledge across artificial biology, robotics, art and design for enhanced sustainability.

The project cultivates transdisciplinary knowledge and capacity building in higher education. Through hands-on workshops and training, educators and learners work on tackling the skills gaps and mismatches within our disciplines while addressing the climate goals. In this entanglement, new questions, new ideas, new solutions are generated.

*Image based on Neri Oxman’s Age of Entanglementsource: https://doi.org/10.21428/7e0583ad

Artificial biology, robotics & art

Through transdisciplinary teaching and training, ABRA facilitates the exchange of sustainable best practices that foster creativity and innovation while developing a shared language that prepares students and teachers to tackle complex problems and solutions relevant in the twenty-first century.

ABRA’s Objectives

‣ create new pathways for art + science + engineering-driven creativity and innovation for increased sustainability

‣ tackle skills gaps and mismatches in higher education & research by promoting transdisciplinary knowledge exchange

‣ address environmental issues and climate change by establishing an ongoing, multi-sector dialogue about concrete sustainable actions

‣ empower students & researchers to develop new processes, technologies, and methods of applying existing technology towards sustainable solutions.

ABRA: Team

  • Aalborg University’s (AAU) Research Laboratory for Art and Technology (RELATE) and Human-Robot Interaction Lab focus on human-centered approaches and solutions for robots across industry, health and the arts.

  • The Department CIBIO at University of Trento (CIBIO) integrates classical cellular and molecular biology approaches with the new powerful tools of systems and synthetic biology.

  • Aalto University (AALTO) Art Department offers students access to emerging knowledge and practices at the intersection of multiple fields through an arts-driven engagement with societal, political, ecological and philosophical concerns and artistic approaches to art-science-technology practices.

  • The Institute of Advanced Design Studies (ADES) is a non-profit independent school of design for sustainability hosting a uniquely built transdisciplinary postgraduate study programme. We bridge science and technology with the needs in society and environment through design. ADES works with a wide range of international experts in researching and teaching new methods in design for sustainability.


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